Tulsa, OK

Peacemaker Lobster & Crab is all about fresh sustainable seafood, which of course was the inspiration for the design. The design is based on Northeastern coastal themes and the fisherman who provide the fresh seafood served at the restaurant. To highlight the fishermen, a photographer was hired and spent days on the coast getting imagery to display thought-out the restaurant. All the images are the actual fisherman who are sourcing the fresh seafood for the restaurant. 

For the Northeastern Coastal feel, there was a focus on finding as many reclaimed pieces as possible, from the wood accents to the furniture, light fixtures and metal accents. All the wood was selected from a local Amish farm. The reclaimed wood allows for a more sustainable approach while also providing a traditional coastal feel. The light fixtures were sourced from a local found object vendor, and some of them actually come from fishing ships! Some of the furniture, such as the reception desk, glass and silverware storage were locally sourced and reused.

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