Saint Louis, MO


peacemaker saint louis


Nashan commissioned S. Aleksandr Malinich to create an authentic interior evoking a simple, comfortable aesthetic, transporting diners to a distant seaside town. Located in Benton Park, the renovation preserves the integrity of the original historic space, yet celebrates an inviting,
industrial utilitarianism. Watery blue-green ball jars and furnishings like a 1800’s millworker’s table, as well as floral arrangements provide cameos of color throughout. A fallen barn in Illinois provides aged wood and appears weathered by sea air. Oxidized tin clad both bars and much of the wood clad ceilings, counter tops, banquette seating and tabletops.
There are two distinct dining spaces: The East space has a coastal crab shack feel, while the West space’s white subway tile walls pay homage to a seaside raw bar. A variety of found objects, including antique minnow buckets for tabletop utensils, an 1800‘s carved granite trough for Raw Bar presentation and antique scaffolding for glassware are installed. An antique wood painted American flag hangs proudly in the party niche. Collaborations with many local artisans realized Chef’s vision. A visual essay by Mark Katzman Photography provided an amazing portrait gallery of the families of fishermen in Maine who actually provide seafood served at the Peacemaker.


Saint Louis, MO


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