CD Companies Headquarters

St. Louis, MO

This is a combination of renovation and new construction. The company acquired an adjoining office space to better fit the new growth of the staff over the past few years and reorganized the existing floor plan to improve the current use of space. The current space was reorganized to feature a larger kitchen/breakroom area with double kitchenettes and a new waterfall island. 

The previous sample library was transformed into a design studio with space for desks, sample shelving, a project pinup wall, and open benching for group work. A product presentation room was built-out with an island and wall shelving to hold material samples. More areas of soft seating were added in various parts of the office to promote mobile and group work without the need to reserve a private conference room. In the new lease space, a reorganized floor plan features a medium sized conference room, a small kitchenette and copy room, and 20+ new desk stations. 

Some soft seating near the doorway offers a landing place for clients or small groups needing to meet to discuss a project. The entryway has been opened up to connect to the existing office space in order to have access to the fully renovated and enlarged restrooms. The new offices were designed to match the style of the current space so that both offices appear to be one cohesive design.

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