Jefferson City, MO


wipro office


WIPRO is an international technology company with offices in over 50 countries.  R|5 was selected to reimagine a 73,000 SF vacant space (formerly a large retail building) and create a vibrant collaborative office space for 700 employees.  By creating a center axis design, R|5 was able to provide a compelling design concept that provided a program that allowed for shared resources, logistical organization between divisions, and most importantly flexibility for future expansion and for current trends in work force design.   The breakroom, staff lounge, and recreation area are two stories in height with expansive floor to ceiling windows, bright colors, and modern furnishings.  The spacious hallways allow for ample circulation while providing soft seating areas for innovation teams and one on one meetings.  Private interview rooms, seminar rooms, board rooms, and conference centers are designed with frameless glazing, modern lighting, and state of the art furnishings.  The client’s focus on technology allowed for cutting edge data solutions, uninterrupted power supply, and generator backup. 


Jefferson City, MO


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