St. Louis, MO

The 8th floor Sky Lounge is a multi-purpose space in which we enhanced with design and functionality, activating a non-guest area, along with maintaining the ability to use as one large space. Cinder House’s (the hotel restaurant, which was renovated in 2018, located in the southwest corner of the Sky Lounge) design narrative was our source of inspiration for the renovation of the Sky Lounge. The design language within the entire 8th Floor Sky Lounge now flows seamlessly throughout. The south facing wall has floor to ceiling windows with a view of the Arch (the main landmark of the city of St. Louis) and access doors to our rooftop terrace. All efforts were made to make the space and furniture moveable so the space can be transformed to fit the needs of the day and event. 

Used daily by guests, the fireside dining area is meant for groups of 2 to 6 people to be able to have pop-up meetings. In the evenings, it can be used as a private dining room to accommodate up to 30 diners at one long community table or as a collection of 2 and 4 top tables. At one end of the space, a large column fireplace made up of the same stone used in Cinder House is surrounded by soft lounge seating and side tables, where guests can relax after dinner. At the other end, an etagere of similar design to that in Cinder House, holds art pieces and books and offers a place for food to be set up for larger groups. A translucent golden curtain separates the fireside dining room from the rest of the lounge, creating a more private atmosphere for diners later in the evening. 

The rest of the lounge is filled with comfortable lounge chairs and plush sofas, as well as 2 and 4 top tables. To create spatial definition, custom designed wooden screens were installed at the edges of the carpeted area. In the event of a large party, the lounge furniture can be removed and the tables set out to expand the fireside dining area. Similar soft seating was placed in the Top Golf Swing Suite – a smaller, enclosed space to be used in conjuncture with the Top Golf gaming area for private parties or viewing the sporting events of one of St. Louis’ many teams.

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