St. Louis, MO

Edera is a 2,125 square foot restaurant remodel. Like many business owners, the client decided to take advantage of the dining room being closed during the pandemic and renew the space. Formerly known as Scape American Bistro, Edera got a complete rebrand. The goal of this design was to bring a modern feel to the dining room while keeping its classic charm. Since the cuisine was also changing, it was important to incorporate colors and textures that brought Italy into the space. 

Seating was rearranged to make room for a small custom pizza station, designated by full walls of glazed green tile. The booths were repainted a deep emerald and reupholstered with rich cognac leather. Existing columns were covered with antiqued mirrors, drawing in more natural light from the floor-to-ceiling windows along the mezzanine level. Hammered brass light fixtures were hung above dining tables as well as over the bar to provide a more rustic atmosphere. 

Pops of color were further incorporated through the addition of blue and white delftware vases containing greenery along the booth walls and catwalk shelf surrounding the center dining area. Edera also made some updates to their al fresco dining area, with new tables and landscaping, the addition of heaters, and transparent dining chalets for chilly and inclement weather

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