Heya wellness

St. Louis, MO

HEYA Wellness is a cannabis dispensary concept in the Northwest suburbs of St. Louis. HEYA’s sophisticated, modern interior reflects our client’s vision to create an inviting respite for their patients. The holistic design functions more like a spa than a retail boutique. An innovative boutique design is thoughtfully realized in warm, natural accents and contemporary touches. In contrast to the industrial location, the dispensary’s ambience is enhanced with layers of soft lighting and a dramatic color palette, promoting warmth and comfort throughout. 

Green is a color that brings people closer to nature and evokes a feeling of calm. Various techniques were used to strategically locate HEYA’s brand messaging throughout the space. Tastefully staged wall shelving and bespoke glass display cases allow patients to peruse the complete range of cannabis offerings. A digital wall installation featuring iPads provides an educational venue to patients and allows them to explore a library of cannabis strains to best suit their needs. Mirrors and soothing colors anchor a private consultation room, allowing patients to seek comfort and a moment of relaxation during this process.

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