St. Louis, MO

Nestled in the St. Louis Cortex Community, Vicia’s design and interior provides a casual, yet comfortable dining venue infused with a neutral color palette of organic materials and finishes. When patrons first enter the restaurant, they are introduced to a quiet, yet modern interior, deeply rooted in Nordic and European aesthetics. Along the South glass wall, small 2-top tables provide diners with views onto the outdoor dining patio. A dining alcove offers a more intimate view into Chef’s kitchen, while the large Party table, created using wood that is charred and sealed with nut oil, allows diners a front and center culinary viewing experience. The charred wood references Chef’s culinary vision and marries well with his wood fired grilling techniques. 

Many of the bespoke furnishings were commissioned and hand built by Artisans, created especially for Vicia. Custom steel painted warehouse windows are installed, to separate Dining areas from the Kitchen and bar. The back bar wall features a thoughtful wood & floral installation set onto a dark, vertical wood plank backdrop and provides a dramatic, yet untraditional complement to the Bar area. Hand troweled plaster (rubbed with graphite and marble powders) sets off the mix of concrete, gun blued-steel, artisan glass tile, and hand-distressed wood flooring. The outdoor patio dining experience is visually centered on a large outdoor grill and masonry chimney. This provides a dramatic backdrop to the culinary process.

 In addition, plants and a variety of dining and lounge furnishings will also contribute the elevated dining experience. A variety of Lighting will also be strategically installed creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, as well as accent art and furnishings.

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