St. Louis, MO

Four Seasons Rooms

four seasons


When our team at R|5 Design Agency was awarded the opportunity to design the Four Seasons rooms, we wanted to create the ultimate relaxation experience for the guests. We used soft jewel tones with dark accents to complement the light wood in the cabinetry and fixtures. A bold custom-designed wall covering anchors the room and becomes the space’s focal point. Soft and plush textures make up the wind-down zone where guests can unwind and enjoy the one-of-a-kind view.

We aimed to make the room design complement the recently updated 1st-floor and 8th-floor lobby areas that our agency designed. We wanted guests to have a cohesive experience from when they first stepped foot into the lobby until they reach their room. The series of spaces that our team designed to elevate the experience and amenities that the hotel has to offer. The integration of local design aspects allows guests to connect to the city and have a unique stay.


St. Louis, MO


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