four seasons hotel | first floor lobby

Saint Louis, MO

We constructed a new check-in station with 3 pods, borrowing design cues from Cinder House upstairs. We also enhanced the alcove with additional accent lighting, including a location for a seasonal botanical installation. To improve the guest experience, we proposed moving the concierge desk to the center of the lobby. A new decorative chandelier feature was installed over the concierge station. Bespoke furnishings, lighting, and soft seating, as well as a crafted Axminster inset carpet define the Lounge Area, which was also reimagined with one large Seating area located at the opposite end of the lobby. 

The small garden area was reimagined as a contemplative bamboo and sculpture garden, conceived to activate the guest experience not only at the concierge station, but also upon the guests’ entrance into the hotel property. Designed to touch human emotion, the garden adds elegance and provides hotel guests with reflective moments onto the sunlight grove during the day. 

Along the hallway to the elevators, we installed 3 retail vitrines along the south wall to entice guests to visit the 7th floor spa and retail boutiques, as well as promote partnerships of local retailers. In addition, we installed a new credenza feature at the end of the corridor at the turn to the elevators.

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