Four Seasons Hotel | Guest Rooms

St. Louis, MO

This project was a renovation of all 200 existing guest rooms and suites at the Four Seasons Saint Louis. The main source of inspiration for the room’s redesign was the City of Saint Louis itself. We wanted to embrace the city’s celebrated monuments, including the Gateway Arch, Mississippi Riverfront, historic Ead’s Bridge, and Laclede Landing. Location is one of the biggest factors in this hotel. No other hotel in Saint Louis has the views that the Four Seasons has. 

We wanted to highlight these by selecting soft muted tones that complement the landscape while at the same time creating a relaxing luxurious experience. The artwork we selected is inspired by the landmarks mentioned above, with some even playing homage to the St. Louis’s Blues. We custom-designed one bold, dark accent wall covering to anchor the room, drawing the eye directly to the bed. The headboard piece is a plush continuous leather piece that provides contrast to the feature wallcovering. The carpet plays with blue and tan hues, mimicking the colors of the riverbed. 

The rooms that our team designed elevate the experience that the hotel has to offer. The integration of local design aspects allows for guests to connect to the city and have a unique stay.

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