Saint Louis, MO


Vicia’s spare, yet inviting modern interior is, deeply rooted in Nordic and European aesthetics. Diners can celebrate in four distinct areas as they enjoy the culinary offerings in the open dining room beyond Chef’s glass enclosed kitchen. Along the south glass wall, small Belgian bluestone tables provide diners with views onto the outdoor dining terrace. A dining alcove, anchored by a one of a kind art installation offers an intimate view into Chef’s kitchen, while a large party table finished with an ancient Japanese flaming and charring technique called Shou-Sugi-Ban, allows diners to become one with the kitchen. The charred wood provides a theatrical backdrop for the gastronomic creations and marries well with Chef’s wood-fired grilling techniques. Many of the bespoke furnishings were designed, commissioned and hand built by artisans and created especially for VICIA. Authentic warehouse windows provide spatial separation for each of the areas, yet allow natural light to permeate through the space. The back bar wall combines a dramatically lit wood & floral art installation set onto an ebony wood plank backdrop which provides an artful, seasonal celebration designed evoke emotion. A neutral color palette includes aged European Oak & Belgian bluestone. Hand troweled plaster (rubbed with graphite and marble powders) marries with concrete, gun-blued steel, artisan glass tile and hand-distressed wood flooring. The outdoor patio also features a large outdoor grill anchored by a large, modern concrete chimney.