Saint Louis, MO


Sardella is an ancient Italian sauce made from sardines, salt and peppers. It’s a vibrant sauce, and it serves as inspiration for our design. Drawing cues from the Mediterranean, the interior incorporates clean, simplified architectural forms providing foundation for color. With a nod from the past, the interior is a warm and inviting, yet lively room which is demonstrated through the marriage of modern and traditional design language. Mindful use of color such as random patterns of blue and white tile, is not merely thought of an aesthetic tool, but also as an emotional one. Notable elements include bespoke oxidized brass lighting & display shelving, and an oak and glass diorama filled with preserved flora welcomes patrons at the entry. The diorama also provides a memorable conversation piece for patrons dining at the party table. Set into a shadow box of rustic wire glass, imported sardine tins adorn the main wall above the open cooking stage. Simple, rustic inspired seating, custom oak dining tables and marble bistro tables anchor the open dining room. Additionally, fishing pole wall lighting an oak and marigold colored leather banquette provides an intimate dining venue. White oak, stone, antique brass mirrors and painted steel accentuate the bar and bakery areas.